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Agile, efficient, & quality assessment.

In this tech-savvy world, where the demand for secure and reliable software applications and websites, with smooth performance, ease of installation, cross-browser compatibility, ability to recover from crashes & failures, and more, is reaching a new height, businesses are depending on QA outsourcing services to create a software product that meets all these requirements and helps them boost their business.

It is to ensure that businesses, both big and small, achieve this effortlessly, ThinkSys, the leading software development & QA testing services company, offers cost-effective and quality QA outsourcing and software testing services.

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Leveraging our expertise in QA consulting and outsource software testing, we offer our global clients a wide range of QA and testing services to help them provide users a reliable, secure, and user-friendly software and application that delivers the highest-quality users experience.

Moreover, our team of QA engineers uses their years of experience in QA testing, test automation, analysis, etc. and their knowledge of various testing tools to perform thorough testing, at every stage of software development, mitigating any risk associated with faulty software.

For Software QA Consulting services,

QA Outsourcing Services We Offer

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Whether you want to get software QA consulting, outsource automation testing, or independent testing services, ThinkSys, the web testing company, offers a vast array of services to meet our client’s diverse requirement, irrespective of the size and complexity of the project. From QA consulting process and QA process audit to test case creation and testing a program, our testing team manages it all, effectively and swiftly, reducing cost and time.

Automation Testing

Compatibility Testing

Mobile App Testing

Functional Testing

Manual Testing

API Testing

GUI Testing

Cloud-Based Testing

Usability Testing

Regression Testing

Security Testing

Agile Testing

Performance Testing

Concurrent Testing

Database & Platform Testing

Our End-to-End Quality Model

Streamlined QA processes for quick & accurate results. 

At ThinkSys, the QA Outsourcing Company, we follow an effective process, where our QA team works with our clients to enhance and improve testing productivity and adopts the best testing strategy to overcome various challenges associated with the process, like lack of development and testing alignment, hidden costs, missed bugs, unclear reports, etc. In short, our quality model includes:

  • 1


    From creating & reviewing plans to QA strategy development, we initiate our software quality assurance process with planning. Moreover, we make QA estimations, assign roles & responsibilities, etc.

  • 2


    Once the plan & testing strategy is prepared the team develops & reviews test requirements, test condition, & test approach. And works on various other aspects like changing control participation and test cycle control.

  • 3


    The focus here is on design review, test script development, capacity planning, identifying KPIs, test model development, post-deployment validation, and preparing test environment as well as data requirements.

  • 4


    Here the team performs code peer review & completes test script development. Other tasks performed here include building test environment, test data, service virtualization, test-driven designing, etc.

  • 5


    During this phase, the team executes test scripts, based on which metrics & reports like test closure is prepared. Also, user acceptance test facilitation, performance test, & software configuration management is performed.

  • 6


    Once the software’s operational readiness is tested, it is deployed for on-site operation, with constant performance management and monitoring, as well as deployment validation.

  • 7


    Finally, the team reviews metrics trends & risks and performs continuous improvement, calculate the cost of quality, update automation plans, test scripts, and optimize the regression test.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing QA with ThinkSys?

Fast, scalable, & cost-effective services for QA products.


If you are looking for a reliable software testing company for outsource QA services, ThinkSys is the place for you. We deliver high-quality QA and testing services, with less time and lower risk, using a field-proven approach that improves quality and drives improvements. Other qualities that set us apart from our competitors are:

  • Get services in compliance with ISO standards.
  • Team of full-time QA experts.
  • A shorter development life cycle and quicker QA improvements.
  • 24×7 support and maintenance.
  • Customized and scalable solutions.
  • Transparent workflow and precise documentation of testing processes.
  • Experience of working with various QA tools like:
    • Selenium.
    • Jmeter.
    • Firebug.
    • Microsoft Coded UI tests.
    • Appium.
    • Robot Framework.
    • Calabash.
    • HP Quick Test Pro.
    • UI Automator.
    • XCUI Test .
    • fMBT.
    • TestComplete.

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Are looking for a reliable software testing company for outsource QA services, ThinkSys is the place for you. We deliver high-quality QA and testing services, in less time.