Some Numbers That Tell the Evolving Software Testing and Automation Story

Evolving Software Testing and Automation Story image

In today’s rapidly changing world of testing practices, the focus of the software industry is now moving away from the Center of Excellence approach to a more wide-ranging strategy using Agile or DevOps practices. So much so, that based on the World Quality Report for 2016 the budget allocation for testing has increased 9% year-on-year. […]

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Here’s What We Look for While Hiring Great Software Testing Pros

Skills for Hiring software Pros

By: Rajiv Jain “Great Vision without great people is irrelevant” – Jim Collins, Author Today the consumers of technology are everywhere…from the biggest enterprises to the youngster with a mobile phone. As we get increasingly conversant with technology, it becomes essential to develop good and robust software products, that are bug-free, error-free and fast. Today, […]

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